Oct 12, 2020

So you think you know a lot about boating and insurance?

Owning a boat can be the source of endless hours of fun and relaxation, whether you like to go out on a lake to fish or hold a shipboard party in a nearby harbor for the weekend. A boat is a large motor vehicle, and so, just like any car or truck you may own, certain safety protocols need to be followed. 

You should have your boat safety kit available, including life vests for all passengers.

Being able to survive in the water in the case of an event which causes you to leave the vessel until the Coast Guard or another boater rescues you is a good thing. A working radio with which to summon help is also mandatory.

Nothing will ruin your outing quite like being out on the water in a storm. You should ALWAYS check the weather before going out

Maintain your boat properly, making sure that the engine runs as it is supposed to.

Do not overload your boat with people and equipment.

Having your boat capsize is not only embarrassing but downright dangerous.

Use common sense while on the water.

Do not go tearing around like a stunt pilot in a movie, endangering other boaters and swimmers. The same rules that apply to safe driving on the road in a car apply to safe boating. Be alert, as well, to other boaters who may be misbehaving.

Finally, follow all of the safety procedures for anchoring when on the water and for docking when you return to the marina.