Performance and Payment Bonds

We know the unique risks associated with doing business on and near the water. Your company needs expert representation with its insurance risks, and with its surety needs. Maritime Coverage Corp. has the experience to provide assistance in all phases: providing bid, performance and maintenance bonds for our maritime surety clients. Whether you are dredging projects, deepening critical port channels, or widening or repositioning inlets, Maritime Coverage Corp. can address your bond needs.  And if you have the need for commercial dock work bonds, bridge building & maintenance bonds, causeway construction, and wetlands management bonds, give us a call.

Insurance available for:

  • Inshore Fishing / Guide Charter
  • Offshore Fishing Charter
  • Sightseeing Charter
  • Excursion Vessels
  • Dive Charters (No in-water coverage is provided)
  • Fleet / Multiple Vessel Programs Available
  • Private Pleasure
  • Six Pack Charters
  • Most States
  • Continental US

U.S. Customs Bonds

With growing nearby ports, transporters, importers, foreign trade zone operators, and brokers rely on our us and our agents to provide bonds correctly and timely. Maritime Coverage Corp. provides both continuous (numerous shipments) and single transaction bonds for our clients. Customs bonds guarantee that both import duties and taxes on goods and products introduced to the United States will be paid.  It also makes certain that your cargo will adhere to all U.S. Customs rules & regulations.

OTI Bonds & NVOCC Bonds

Maritime Coverage Corp. provides ocean transportation intermediary bonds for our Federal Maritime Commission licensed freight forwarder clients. These bonds guaranty your compliance with the Ocean Reform Shipping Act.

If you are a freight forwarder, we provide the bond that guarantees you will execute the contracts you sign as properly licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission. Remember that this bond can be “called”, or claimed by shippers and carriers without a judgment. This bond responds to claims made by ocean, air, or motor shippers and carriers. It is important for a freight forwarder to understand that a claim can be paid out even if a judgment has not been rendered.

If you are a non-vessel operator common carrier, we provide an NVOCC bond that will respond to claims for transportation related damages against the carrier, specifically penalties & fines levied by the Federal Maritime Commission. No judgment is required to activate the payment portion of the bond.

Temporary Import Bonds / Carnet Bonds

Carnets enable temporary imports to foreign countries and re-importation to the US to pass duty & import tax free into a carnet country. Bonds are issued on an annual basis. The carnet document you file will also act as the CBP-4455 (US Certification of Registration of goods when reimporting).

Admiralty Bonds

These bonds are under the jurisdiction of the United States Admiralty Courts and are similar to the obligations under an attachment bond. We can provide admiralty bonds that guarantee that if a ship incurs damage because a lien was granted, and the court subsequently finds the privilege was unwarranted, the other party will be made whole.