Jan 27, 2017


If you make your living on the water, and own a commercial vessel, or even an entire fleet, you know all too well that an accident on the water could mean more than just a damaged boat; it could be a threat to your livelihood and the livelihood of your crew.

When you operate a charter boat, or other small vessel carrying passengers for hire, you have special legal and liability concerns. There are requirements for operator licensing, safety equipment, drug testing, and so on. Similarly, the kinds of insurance you need are unique, in part because maritime law places extraordinary burdens of responsibility on the master of a vessel.

The vessel owner is responsible for all damages resulting from "negligence," which has been interpreted very broadly by the courts to include any situation in which a crew-member or passenger gets hurt, other than intentional self-injury.

Our staff has the experience to assist with all commercial marine risks. From research vessels and commercial fishing to dock builders and tug and tow operations, we have a solution for you. We offer a wide range of commercial boat insurance options sure to fit any marine business’s needs. With an extensive network and years of experience, we will locate the best coverage with the best rates available.

We provide cost effective and comprehensive coverage to suit the operation of head boats and six packs.